Custom Software Solutions

We develop a variety of custom software solutions for different industry verticals. Because we use agile practices, we offer a smooth and transparent working methodology. We always take responsibility for deliverables and make sure that feedback is provided from our side at every stage of the development process.
We make use of a structured software development method which has proven the desired outcome within the planned period time and time again. During the software development process the customer will actively participate within the project. This includes customer's input in the analysis, design, go-live and maintenance phase.

Our method

Below is an overview of our working method. The next stages are very essential and required in order to reach a successfull go-live. These steps depend on you as a client. You may already have determined your strategy, or have already completed the specifications. Empirity as a full-service organizartion facilitates the complete project flow and can also provide support from a subsequent phase.


In order to meet your needs, we will first analyse the current situation. In this phase it is important to get a clear picture of your strategy. During this analysis we will make an overview of the opportunities and risks of the various possibilities. The outcome of this phase is a set of requirements which will be the baseline for the implementation of the solution.


The requirements document describes the functionalities and business rules in natural language. During the design phase we will translate these requirements in modules using the latest software design methods. The completed design document will be the baseline for the implementation phase.


During the implementation phase, the specified design will be implemented. Each module will be developed and tested separately. Using the continues integration approach, the overal concept product will be tested thouroughly. This will ultimately result in the final product.


After the implementation phase, the product's acceptance test will be done by the end-users. When the final product is fully accepted, we will organize and perform the go live.


After the go-live phase we will take the maintance into account. This will be done according to an agreed SLA.

Optimization and further development

After the go-live phase we have experienced many cases that the need for adjustments and further development are desired. We can support you on these extra requirements and plan them in future releases.